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Ewa Farna

"I have only good experience with Unique Orchestra, they have always approached the project professionally and responsibly. We could always rely on them with the band, even during quick events with almost no rehearsals, where their professionalism, experience, and virtuosity show very well. If there is another opportunity, I will definitely call Unique Orchestra."

DJ Wich

"I had the honor of performing with Unique Orchestra as part of the Glorchestra tour. Great musicians and wonderful people. The next time I need to add some instruments to my tracks, Unique Orchestra is the obvious choice."

Tereza Mašková

"I have nothing but praise for Unique Orchestra. It is a great pleasure to work with them. They are professionals and great people. I am already looking forward to future concerts!"


"This crew proves that an orchestra is not just about classical music. People listen to orchestral music to go back in time. But Unique Orchestra has brought orchestral music into the present. I am happy and honored to have performed with Unique Orchestra."

Jan Smigmator

"When I was preparing to record music for my Christmas album and needed a string orchestra, my pianist and arranger Vladimír Strnad recommended Šimon Marek and his Unique Quartet. The quartet grew easily into the 11-piece Unique Orchestra and my Christmas album sounds absolutely amazing thanks to them. The following year, when I was planning a joint album with London swing singer and philanthropist Mitch Winehouse (Amy Winehouse's father) dedicated to the music of George Gershwin, Unique Orchestra was again the obvious choice."


"When it comes to recording music, I always rely on Unique Orchestra. It's only our second year working together, but so far everything I've thought of has been 100% successful. Unique Orchestra are an awfully nice bunch and at the same time, I can always feel that they are genuinely interested in the success of the music project and do everything they can to be a part of it. They are pros and put their soul into playing. The orchestra is amazing to work with!"
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Richard Krajčo - Srdce nehasnou
Ewa Farna - Ta o nás
Projekt Glorchestra
Lenny - Lithium
Lenny - Lithium ⎮ Making of 
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About us

Unique Orchestra is a multi-genre ensemble that focuses primarily on non-classical musical styles such as pop, rock, jazz, and film music. The orchestra was founded by cellist Šimon Marek in 2020 in Prague. The uniqueness of this symphonic ensemble lies in the fact that it is the only one in the Czech Republic that is dedicated to pop music professionally.

Unique Orchestra brings together first-class instrumentalists active on the Czech and Slovak pop scene, as well as renowned jazz musicians, top soloists and leading chamber and orchestral players who have a close relationship with non-classical genres. It was this idea - to bring together musicians with a common interest and the same feeling for music - that was the fundamental motivation for the founding of this unique ensemble.

In its short time of operation, the orchestra has already had successful concerts, recorded music for various purposes (e.g. for the film Zbožňovaný for Czech Television, for the ballet Bohemian Gravity...) and important musical projects: performances at the Anděl Music Awards, the benefit Koncert pro Světlušku, Glorchestra 2021 and 2022. Unique Orchestra collaborates with artists such as Ewa Farna, Anna K., Lenny, Richard Krajčo, Pokáč, Vladimír 518, DJ Wich, 7krát3, Žofie Dares, Pavel Šporcl, Lake Malawi, Albert Černý and others. The orchestra also offers live music for corporate events, presentations, private concerts, etc.

Šimon Marek


Czech musician, cellist, member of S.V.A. Trio, founder and manager of the Unique Art Agency, Unique Quartet, Unique Orchestra and Unique Duo projects.

Alexey Aslamas


Alexey Aslamas is active in chamber music (2005-2009 member of the Kaprova Quartet, 2008-2011 member of the IMMA Quartet); from 2011 to 2022 he was the primary member of the Pavel Bořkovec Quartet, in 2020 he founded the S.V.A. Trio.

Šimon Marek


Czech musician, cellist, member of S.V.A. Trio, founder and manager of the Unique Art Agency, Unique Quartet, Unique Orchestra and Unique Duo projects.

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